Ladywood Furniture Project

Posted date : 15/12/12 | 1083 viewed


Ladywood Furniture Project (Lfp) aim to help anyone in Birmingham who has a genuine need of furniture.

The charity has two core aims and objectives:

  • Firstly to help individuals and families on benefits or low income find good, clean affordable furniture;
  • Secondly to help local people develop employment skills through volunteering in their community.

Lfp charge for furniture but items are priced at affordable levels and the charges makes a small contribution to meeting volunteer expenses.


  • Lfp Was set up to help people in need by supplying them with good quality furniture at minimum cost;
  • Lfp is a registered charity;
  • Lfp is a voluntary project recognised by Birmingham City Council;
  • Lfp only deals with people who have been referred by a recognised referral agency;
  • Lfp encourages customers to choose their own items of furniture;
  • Lfp operates on a first come first served basis;
  • Lfp is dependant upon a workforce of volunteers to carry out the collection and delivery of furniture.
  • Lfp relies on donations of furniture from the public;
  • Lfp aims to provide structured work experience for volunteers and a package of training to help them gain employment;
  • Lfp has a voluntary Board of Directors;
  • Lfp help Birmingham to re-cycle.
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